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The brutal Regime of Zanu pf

The oppressive government of Zimbabwe led by a group of thugs and murderers destroyed our country. Without democracy Zimbabwe has become a state that is more dangerous to visit or do any business with across the globe. Citizens has voiced abductions in the middle of the night and murders taking place shockingly. People have been suppressed and cannot turn left or right because they have been gripped with this fear that lives just lost value in Zimbabwe. Zanu pf led by ED Mnangagwa have committed atrocities at an alarming rate, crime against humanity rose drastically and the perpetrators must one day face the full hand of the law. I say Mnangagwa must be toppled through ballot boxes and there must be no room for him to rig the results.

Zimbabweans are suffering across the globe and other democratic states fails to help the people of Zimbabwe but they want to deport those in the diaspora back into jaws of a crocodile. The political structure become very bias as to why such situations that are putting people at risk are aloud. In this country England the plight of Zimbabweans facing deportations breaks all norms of peoples liberties. They preach about democracy and a country that have freedoms hence behind closed doors they cook a different pot. England must stop penalising Zimbabweans whom have escaped death, we want to be here that’s why we chose Britain. We hold protests peacefully outside the Zimbabwean embassy every week although I was once threatened that one day I will be answerable if I go to Zimbabwe. When I asked what that meant , arrogantly the man said ‘on the nose like tobacco’, with so much sarcasm the two men standing on the door looked very seriously intimidating. Genocide is a routine as the government is unchallenged, now the question is simple; until when?. Mnangagwa’s tenure on the realm is almost but over. Zimbabwe must and must come back to the people of Zimbabwe. Our infrastructure have been severed so badly that transportation becomes very hard run. Schools, water, electricity and hospitals are in a state of mess and the economy has nose dived with no hope of recovering under Zanu pf. Mortality rate sky rocketed as people cannot afford basic things to survive.

Zimbabwe Lives Matter movement was to raise our concerns as explained. This notorious government must look in the mirror and pledge for change, a change that we put a new government into power that will deliver the will of the people and exercise and implement the law that is fare to everybody. Let us all Zimbabweans stand up firm against this brutal regime that does not have respect of the fundamental needs of the people. The gateway to freedom is to begin walking now, and tell Mnangagwa to get out of our offices.

The world on the Brink of Pandemic

It was like a joke when things started, Chinese people were accused to have introduced a new diet in their food chain. Out of everybody’s attention, the whole world sleep walked into one of the most deadliest coronavirus pandemic. this was said to be caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. a lot of conspiracies began to emerge as to how the world is was on the brink of the pandemic. the novel virus was first identified in the city of Wuhan city of China back in Dec 2019. Attempts to contain the spread of this virus failed dismally and the spread was like veld fires. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared an international concern on 30 January 2022. The whole world was gripped with fear as all nation were ramping up efforts to find the cure of coronavirus. Painfully, people were dying at a very alarming rate. Hospitals were very much overwhelmed by the number of admissions.

SAO PAULO, 12.mai.2020 – Equipe de médico, enfermeiros e fisioterapeutas cuidam de pacientes críticos da Covid-19 na UTI do hospital Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, na zona norte de São Paulo

On the other hand citizens we felt like our leaders literally failing to put measures to try and combat this catastrophic situation on time. Curfews were introduced in many countries and lock downs were a crippling move as we were trying to cope with the loss of lives. Ministers that were supposed to keep us going were actually breaking the lockdown conditions. I was furious and I wanted this problem to get solved and the country move forward. My British government was busy partying enjoying every second of their lives with total disregard to the people that had died. As a citizen my hopes of coming out of this plight alive began to dwindle, so is anyone else. I advocate for the all government employees that broke any of the lockdown rules to be brought to justice and shamed. It was hard to hear that your loved one has died and you cannot manage to pay your last respect.

Frontline workers were traumatised as they so the horrors that the coronavirus had caused. Many of the frontline workers are still gripped with post traumatic disorder and have failed to carry on working. I feel for them because they witnessed something that no-one has ever prepared to see. As the coronavirus showed some signs of waning back the government decided to slap the NHS frontline workers with a mocking pay rise. I stood with them as they took to the streets to air their anger holding protests across the country.

The protest was a success and the message was that frontline workers felt very much intimidated by the government’s decision to offer 1% increment. That was a proper slap across the face and we stand in solidarity with the frontline workers to be given what the deserve. Hundreds of millions of people tested positive from the covid -19 with millions couldn’t that couldn’t succumb.

People lost their employment with companies closing down. The world was on the brink of collapse. Media outlets came under intense scrutiny as people felt that bias news or fake news were being broadcasted.

We want lockdown restrictions quashed as everybody is aware that ministers broke the ministerial code. Lets all as citizens stand up against the injustices of fascism. We have been taken advantage of as citizens, the people that we voted for to lead the country, have done the most damage to our feelings.

Walk for Freedom event

It was in the early beautiful morning of a Saturday the 21 August2021. The weather was very fresh in every aspect as we gathered at the Brighton palace pier. Zimbabwe Lives Matter campaign was created in order for Zimbabwean citizens in the diaspora to fight and show solidarity against abuses that our relatives are subjected to under the Zanu pf regime of E D Mnangagwa. There are so many concerning atrocities of abductions and murders carried out by this regime. The country have lost its status on the global stage and is now a laughing stock in every respect. Once a bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe is now the empty basket of the world. Starvation has crippled every hope that probably my country will never manage to stand again as long as Zanu pf is on the realm. This walk for freedom was something I could not miss. I had the full appetite and energy to be there with all the people involved.


Every candidate had a smile on their faces because we wanted to make our voices heard, so eagerly the walk for freedom journey was about to begin all the way to London. The local people could not believe that we were to walk day and night to get to London, but the resentment in our hearts strengthened our spirits to walk and finish the whole journey. the walk for freedom began at 08:00hrs.

Resting places were set so that all candidates can have some snacks and hot drinks before proceed. we had a very good team on the logistics that kept our morals high all the way.

The determination and the stamina that the kids showed had a profound effect as it boosted all the members to perform strongly. Zimbabwe will be is going to be liberated from the hands of the dictators of Zanu pf. Mnangagwa will not have anywhere to hide and we are going to follow our country’s wealth this government stole and improve the economy of other countries abroad. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Burke for his profound determination to make the event a successful one. His selfless work in the quest to make our voices heard is priceless.

We are not going to end here but many events will follow in order to voice and challenge the governments that breaks the rule of law. Through out the night our feet were getting numb as we tried to reduce our best to reach our destination in the morning of the following day. Celebrations after we triumphed the whole journey was unbelievable

Cry my beloved country

My country Zimbabwe, severed by colonialism for many years. Citizens suffered gruesomely in the hands of these so called colonialists. Nobody had a thought that one day the revolution struggle would ensue. Brutalities were carried out deep in the country and shivered the whole majority of Zimbabwe. Colonialists injected a very sad gene into our DNA that until today my country has not yet gained its freedom mandated to be achieved through the barrel of a gun. Years have gone by, with the populous of Zimbabwe crying for freedom. Pledges sang leading to the removal of colonial rule have long been forgotten. The same government that stood up and berated colonialism to achieve independence introducing a majority rule through the ballot box has no difference to the colonialists. My country is bleeding, tears never stopped. Why Mnangagwa is selling Zimbabwe to the Chinese in broad daylight? After looting all the diamonds and made billions, Mnangagwa is making a fool of himself. He is going to sell every patch of the country including where he stands. Chinese will put him in jail, charging him with trespassing. What a shame. Lack of foresight the country is dilapidated. Cry my beloved country……..cry..!

Stop Charter Flights to Zimbabwe

My fellow Zimbabweans out there in the surrounding areas of England. I couldn’t manage to sleep last night. My heart was so much troubled that some fellow country man were due to be deported. I was pondering how Mnangagwa has so far became so vile that he actually hates his people this much. His heinous behaviour towards the country and its citizens is so grotesque. We want a way forward as a country, this government is no-one’s cup of tea.

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