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Walk for Freedom event

It was in the early beautiful morning of a Saturday the 21 August2021. The weather was very fresh in every aspect as we gathered at the Brighton palace pier. Zimbabwe Lives Matter campaign was created in order for Zimbabwean citizens in the diaspora to fight and show solidarity against abuses that our relatives are subjected to under the Zanu pf regime of E D Mnangagwa. There are so many concerning atrocities of abductions and murders carried out by this regime. The country have lost its status on the global stage and is now a laughing stock in every respect. Once a bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe is now the empty basket of the world. Starvation has crippled every hope that probably my country will never manage to stand again as long as Zanu pf is on the realm. This walk for freedom was something I could not miss. I had the full appetite and energy to be there with all the people involved.


Every candidate had a smile on their faces because we wanted to make our voices heard, so eagerly the walk for freedom journey was about to begin all the way to London. The local people could not believe that we were to walk day and night to get to London, but the resentment in our hearts strengthened our spirits to walk and finish the whole journey. the walk for freedom began at 08:00hrs.

Resting places were set so that all candidates can have some snacks and hot drinks before proceed. we had a very good team on the logistics that kept our morals high all the way.

The determination and the stamina that the kids showed had a profound effect as it boosted all the members to perform strongly. Zimbabwe will be is going to be liberated from the hands of the dictators of Zanu pf. Mnangagwa will not have anywhere to hide and we are going to follow our country’s wealth this government stole and improve the economy of other countries abroad. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Burke for his profound determination to make the event a successful one. His selfless work in the quest to make our voices heard is priceless.

We are not going to end here but many events will follow in order to voice and challenge the governments that breaks the rule of law. Through out the night our feet were getting numb as we tried to reduce our best to reach our destination in the morning of the following day. Celebrations after we triumphed the whole journey was unbelievable

Published by enablingnursedaisy21

Am a very much politically discontented Zimbabwean. The road that the Mnangagwa regime embarked is extremely disastrous and diminishing the integrity of my country and its time that I demand Mnangagwa must go. The ruling party, the Zanu pf has caused trauma to the citizens of my country since Independence in 1980. Today every corner of the world is witnessing gross mismanagement of Zimbabwe orchestrated by E D Mnangagwa the president. There is a wide spread of looting by the cronies of Zanu pf. There is no more sectors that are functional in Zimbabwe, this has crippled the economy and the infrastructure of the country. This has led myself to think deep and start campaigning against this monstrous Zanu ruling party. I am very adamant that Change is inevitable and its not too late for the people of Zimbabwe to bring that change through the ballot boxes. Many countries are suffering in the hands of their government and i emphasize with them that there is a GATEWAY TO FREEDOM. We cannot sit idle while our countries are getting squandered by our merciless leaders that has no remorse to humanity. We stand as one nation to fight arrogances in our countries. I hate to see my country people getting abducted and murdered just for voicing their concerns. Down with rowdy governments that fail on duties they once pledged. we will fight to the last drop of our sweat...

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