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Cry my beloved country

My country Zimbabwe, severed by colonialism for many years. Citizens suffered gruesomely in the hands of these so called colonialists. Nobody had a thought that one day the revolution struggle would ensue. Brutalities were carried out deep in the country and shivered the whole majority of Zimbabwe. Colonialists injected a very sad gene into our DNA that until today my country has not yet gained its freedom mandated to be achieved through the barrel of a gun. Years have gone by, with the populous of Zimbabwe crying for freedom. Pledges sang leading to the removal of colonial rule have long been forgotten. The same government that stood up and berated colonialism to achieve independence introducing a majority rule through the ballot box has no difference to the colonialists. My country is bleeding, tears never stopped. Why Mnangagwa is selling Zimbabwe to the Chinese in broad daylight? After looting all the diamonds and made billions, Mnangagwa is making a fool of himself. He is going to sell every patch of the country including where he stands. Chinese will put him in jail, charging him with trespassing. What a shame. Lack of foresight the country is dilapidated. Cry my beloved country……..cry..!

Published by enablingnursedaisy21

Am a very much politically discontented Zimbabwean. The road that the Mnangagwa regime embarked is extremely disastrous and diminishing the integrity of my country and its time that I demand Mnangagwa must go. The ruling party, the Zanu pf has caused trauma to the citizens of my country since Independence in 1980. Today every corner of the world is witnessing gross mismanagement of Zimbabwe orchestrated by E D Mnangagwa the president. There is a wide spread of looting by the cronies of Zanu pf. There is no more sectors that are functional in Zimbabwe, this has crippled the economy and the infrastructure of the country. This has led myself to think deep and start campaigning against this monstrous Zanu ruling party. I am very adamant that Change is inevitable and its not too late for the people of Zimbabwe to bring that change through the ballot boxes. Many countries are suffering in the hands of their government and i emphasize with them that there is a GATEWAY TO FREEDOM. We cannot sit idle while our countries are getting squandered by our merciless leaders that has no remorse to humanity. We stand as one nation to fight arrogances in our countries. I hate to see my country people getting abducted and murdered just for voicing their concerns. Down with rowdy governments that fail on duties they once pledged. we will fight to the last drop of our sweat...

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