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The world on the Brink of Pandemic

It was like a joke when things started, Chinese people were accused to have introduced a new diet in their food chain. Out of everybody’s attention, the whole world sleep walked into one of the most deadliest coronavirus pandemic. this was said to be caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. a lot of conspiracies began to emerge as to how the world is was on the brink of the pandemic. the novel virus was first identified in the city of Wuhan city of China back in Dec 2019. Attempts to contain the spread of this virus failed dismally and the spread was like veld fires. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared an international concern on 30 January 2022. The whole world was gripped with fear as all nation were ramping up efforts to find the cure of coronavirus. Painfully, people were dying at a very alarming rate. Hospitals were very much overwhelmed by the number of admissions.

SAO PAULO, 12.mai.2020 – Equipe de médico, enfermeiros e fisioterapeutas cuidam de pacientes críticos da Covid-19 na UTI do hospital Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, na zona norte de São Paulo

On the other hand citizens we felt like our leaders literally failing to put measures to try and combat this catastrophic situation on time. Curfews were introduced in many countries and lock downs were a crippling move as we were trying to cope with the loss of lives. Ministers that were supposed to keep us going were actually breaking the lockdown conditions. I was furious and I wanted this problem to get solved and the country move forward. My British government was busy partying enjoying every second of their lives with total disregard to the people that had died. As a citizen my hopes of coming out of this plight alive began to dwindle, so is anyone else. I advocate for the all government employees that broke any of the lockdown rules to be brought to justice and shamed. It was hard to hear that your loved one has died and you cannot manage to pay your last respect.

Frontline workers were traumatised as they so the horrors that the coronavirus had caused. Many of the frontline workers are still gripped with post traumatic disorder and have failed to carry on working. I feel for them because they witnessed something that no-one has ever prepared to see. As the coronavirus showed some signs of waning back the government decided to slap the NHS frontline workers with a mocking pay rise. I stood with them as they took to the streets to air their anger holding protests across the country.

The protest was a success and the message was that frontline workers felt very much intimidated by the government’s decision to offer 1% increment. That was a proper slap across the face and we stand in solidarity with the frontline workers to be given what the deserve. Hundreds of millions of people tested positive from the covid -19 with millions couldn’t that couldn’t succumb.

People lost their employment with companies closing down. The world was on the brink of collapse. Media outlets came under intense scrutiny as people felt that bias news or fake news were being broadcasted.

We want lockdown restrictions quashed as everybody is aware that ministers broke the ministerial code. Lets all as citizens stand up against the injustices of fascism. We have been taken advantage of as citizens, the people that we voted for to lead the country, have done the most damage to our feelings.

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Am a very much politically discontented Zimbabwean. The road that the Mnangagwa regime embarked is extremely disastrous and diminishing the integrity of my country and its time that I demand Mnangagwa must go. The ruling party, the Zanu pf has caused trauma to the citizens of my country since Independence in 1980. Today every corner of the world is witnessing gross mismanagement of Zimbabwe orchestrated by E D Mnangagwa the president. There is a wide spread of looting by the cronies of Zanu pf. There is no more sectors that are functional in Zimbabwe, this has crippled the economy and the infrastructure of the country. This has led myself to think deep and start campaigning against this monstrous Zanu ruling party. I am very adamant that Change is inevitable and its not too late for the people of Zimbabwe to bring that change through the ballot boxes. Many countries are suffering in the hands of their government and i emphasize with them that there is a GATEWAY TO FREEDOM. We cannot sit idle while our countries are getting squandered by our merciless leaders that has no remorse to humanity. We stand as one nation to fight arrogances in our countries. I hate to see my country people getting abducted and murdered just for voicing their concerns. Down with rowdy governments that fail on duties they once pledged. we will fight to the last drop of our sweat...

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