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The brutal Regime of Zanu pf

The oppressive government of Zimbabwe led by a group of thugs and murderers destroyed our country. Without democracy Zimbabwe has become a state that is more dangerous to visit or do any business with across the globe. Citizens has voiced abductions in the middle of the night and murders taking place shockingly. People have been suppressed and cannot turn left or right because they have been gripped with this fear that lives just lost value in Zimbabwe. Zanu pf led by ED Mnangagwa have committed atrocities at an alarming rate, crime against humanity rose drastically and the perpetrators must one day face the full hand of the law. I say Mnangagwa must be toppled through ballot boxes and there must be no room for him to rig the results.

Zimbabweans are suffering across the globe and other democratic states fails to help the people of Zimbabwe but they want to deport those in the diaspora back into jaws of a crocodile. The political structure become very bias as to why such situations that are putting people at risk are aloud. In this country England the plight of Zimbabweans facing deportations breaks all norms of peoples liberties. They preach about democracy and a country that have freedoms hence behind closed doors they cook a different pot. England must stop penalising Zimbabweans whom have escaped death, we want to be here that’s why we chose Britain. We hold protests peacefully outside the Zimbabwean embassy every week although I was once threatened that one day I will be answerable if I go to Zimbabwe. When I asked what that meant , arrogantly the man said ‘on the nose like tobacco’, with so much sarcasm the two men standing on the door looked very seriously intimidating. Genocide is a routine as the government is unchallenged, now the question is simple; until when?. Mnangagwa’s tenure on the realm is almost but over. Zimbabwe must and must come back to the people of Zimbabwe. Our infrastructure have been severed so badly that transportation becomes very hard run. Schools, water, electricity and hospitals are in a state of mess and the economy has nose dived with no hope of recovering under Zanu pf. Mortality rate sky rocketed as people cannot afford basic things to survive.

Zimbabwe Lives Matter movement was to raise our concerns as explained. This notorious government must look in the mirror and pledge for change, a change that we put a new government into power that will deliver the will of the people and exercise and implement the law that is fare to everybody. Let us all Zimbabweans stand up firm against this brutal regime that does not have respect of the fundamental needs of the people. The gateway to freedom is to begin walking now, and tell Mnangagwa to get out of our offices.

Published by enablingnursedaisy21

Am a very much politically discontented Zimbabwean. The road that the Mnangagwa regime embarked is extremely disastrous and diminishing the integrity of my country and its time that I demand Mnangagwa must go. The ruling party, the Zanu pf has caused trauma to the citizens of my country since Independence in 1980. Today every corner of the world is witnessing gross mismanagement of Zimbabwe orchestrated by E D Mnangagwa the president. There is a wide spread of looting by the cronies of Zanu pf. There is no more sectors that are functional in Zimbabwe, this has crippled the economy and the infrastructure of the country. This has led myself to think deep and start campaigning against this monstrous Zanu ruling party. I am very adamant that Change is inevitable and its not too late for the people of Zimbabwe to bring that change through the ballot boxes. Many countries are suffering in the hands of their government and i emphasize with them that there is a GATEWAY TO FREEDOM. We cannot sit idle while our countries are getting squandered by our merciless leaders that has no remorse to humanity. We stand as one nation to fight arrogances in our countries. I hate to see my country people getting abducted and murdered just for voicing their concerns. Down with rowdy governments that fail on duties they once pledged. we will fight to the last drop of our sweat...

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